Spring Show Off Camp 2009 Report 2

In this report, the players that made an impression will be highlighted.

Dominique Long, 2009, 5'9, Sheffield School (Memphis, TN) - Lefty Small forward with excellent passing skills very active in paint and nice soft touch on shot.

Kelsey Moore, 2009, 5'8, Haywood High School (Brownsville, TN) - Undersized forward but powerful and aggressive in the paint.

Christina LaSane, 2009, 5'9, Craigmont High School (Memphis, TN) - Talented scoring guard with range.

Melissa Hunt, 2009, 5'9, Westwood High School (Memphis, TN) - Strong shooting guard with range.

Tierra Henderson, 2009, 5'8, Mitchell High School (Memphis, TN) - Aggressive penetrating guard.

Valencia Williams, 2009, 5'4, Mitchell High School (Memphis, TN) - Distributing point guard with shooting range.

Bath-Sheba McMahon, 2010, 6'2, Grambling Laboratory High (Minden, LA) - Agressive shot blocking post.

Erin Strowder, 2010, 5'10, Southwind High (Memphis, TN) - Long & athletic forward with ball handling skills (left/right) great on the ball defender.

Jasmine Gardner, 2010, 6'2, Mitchell High (Memphis, TN) - Extremely agile and athletic post always active on court shot blocker and nice touch on shot.

Erica Turner, 2010, 5'10, Southwind High School (Memphis, TN) - Slashing forward with ball handling abilities and anticipation skills.

Shanavian Woodland, 2010, 5'9, Haywood High School (Stanton, TN) - Agressive forward with shooting range.

Felicity Harris, 2010, 5'1, Fayette-Ware School (Mason, TN) - Defensive guard with shooting range.

Mikelsy Jordan, 2011, 5'7, Huntingdon High (Huntingdon, TN) - Distributing Point Guard and can score at will.

Rachel Oaks, 2011, 5'6, Arlington High (Arlington, TN) - Three Point shooting Guard.

Jemil Jefferson, 2011, Bartlett High, 5'9, (Memphis, TN) - All around guard with handles (left/right), shooting range, rebounder and defender.

Shadae Nolen, 2013, 5'0, East Junior High (Byhalia, MS) - Point Guard Small in statue but quick and explosive scorer.

Crystal Johnson, 2013, 6'1, Kirby Middle School (Memphis, TN) - Hugh post dominated boards at time and has a midrange shot- has tons of potential.

Other camp participants of note include:

Nijahal Kuykindoll, 2009, 5'8, Southwind High School (Memphis, TN)
Bria Barber, 2009, 5'5, Kirby High School (Memphis, TN)
Taylor Hill, 2009, 5'5, Kirby High School (Memphis, TN)
Maressia Rooks, 2010, 5'7, Fayette-Ware (Memphis, TN)
Shekevia Shepard, 2010, 5'3, Fayette-Ware High School (Mason, TN)
Diedra Tyus, 2010, 6'0, Haywood High School (Brownsville, TN)
Shaterica Tyus, 2010, 5'5, Haywood High School (Brownsville, TN)
Ruddi Moore, 2010, 5'9, Sheffield High School (Memphis, TN)
Jamie Shutes, 2010, 5'5, Haywood High School (Brownsville, TN)
Tiffany King, 2010, 5'8, Haywood High School (Brownsville, TN)
Anesha Morton, 2010, 5'5, Mitchell High School (Memphis, TN)
Javeatrice Jeffery, 2010, 5'5, Southwind High School (Memphis, TN)
Brinika Shephard, 2011, 5'6, Westwood High School (Memphis, TN)
VoNiecehsi Ware, 2011, 5'7, Kingsbury High School (Memphis, TN)
Aislyn Morgan-Gray, 2011, 5'7, All Saints Catholic School (Canada)
Hannah Northam, 2011, 5'7, Arlington High School (Arlington, TN)
Tamara Bates-Cast, 2011, 5'8, Ridgeway High School (Memphis, TN)
Bianca Lee, 2011, 5'8, Douglas High School (Memphis, TN)
Galen Levy, 2012, 5'3, White Station High School (Memphis, TN)
Angela Hardy, 2012, 6'0, Douglas High School (Memphis, TN)
Raya Moore, 2012, 5'7, Fayette Ware High School (Oakland, TN)
Chelsey Dennis, 2012, 5'10, Fayette Ware High School (Grand Junction, TN)
Jessica Baker, 2013, 5'9, Germantown Middle School (Germantown, TN)
Andreia King, 2013, 5'4, Woodstock Middle School (Millington, TN)
Ra'Shona Shipp, 2013, 5'5, Sherwood Middle School (Memphis, TN)