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**4th Annual Fall Exposure League September 2014 Memphis, TN**
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2013 Fall Exposure League/Pre-Season Show Off Camp Previews/Recaps
Colleges in Attendance at Events: LeMoyne Owen, Rust College, Jackson State Community College, Henderson State, Martin Methodist, Mid-South Community College, Southern Illinois
2013 Fall Exposure League Week 3 Recap
2013 Pre-Season Show Off Camp 2014 Class Preview
2013 Fall Exposure League Week 3 Preview
2013 Fall Exposure League Week 2 Recap
2013 Fall Exposure League Week 2 Preview
2013 Fall Exposure League Week 1 Recap II

2012 Fall Exposure League/Pre-Season Show Off Camp Evaluations
2013 Class
2014 Class
2015 Class
2016 Class
2017 Class

2012 Fall Exposure League Final Recap

The second Fall Exposure League featured over 50 players from Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and even Alabama. It was a great environment for basketball players to get a jump start on the 2012-13 season.


UConn finished the league undefeated going 4-0. The team members were Kyra Pryor (Schilling Farms, 2017, not pictured), Amber Holmes (Overton, 2014, not pictured ), Katie Conner (St. Agnes, 2013), Karneisha Trent (Wooddale, 2014), Rachelle Parks (Middleton, 2015), Deja Faulkner (Middleton, 2015), Chrishona Reddix (Olive Branch, 2016), Tatiana Love (St. Agnes, 2015), Kaylan Pugh (St. Mary's, 2015, not pictured ) and Jayla Hemingway (Schilling Farms, 2019, not pictured ).

Who's That Girl 

It was hard to not notice her and the energy she plays with. She was always around the basketball - getting rebounds, making plays to score and getting to the free throw line. Jamie Crum is an 8th grade point guard for MHEA. She averaged 11 points with a game high of 19 during week 3.

Action Packed

Three of the most exciting players to watch during the league all come from the same summer travel team, Team Memphis Elite-Holmes. All are juniors and all consistently play at a high level. A'Queen Hayes and Olivia Cunningham are dynamic duo guards from Southaven (MS). They play at a fast pace up the floor and off the floor as they jump up for rebounds, loose balls and deflections. Both are ball handlers, have 3 point range and can easily get by defenders to make buckets in the paint. A'Queen averaged 16.5 points during the league and Olivia averaged 18.

Kairneisha Trent at 5'9 is listed as a forward for Wooddale, however, she displayed during the league that transitioning to the guard position should not be a problem. She is one of the most athletic and agile players with abilities to slash and maneuver through traffic. She has a nice stroke and can make the 3 point shot. She averaged 15.5 points per game.

Week 3 Game of the Week - Maryland vs UConn

2012 Fall Exposure League Week 2 Recap

Another Exciting Day of Basketball! The match ups were competitive. The atmosphere and fan support was great.  This is Memphis Girls Basketball!

Don't Call It a Comeback

Madison Luckett

It's great to see Madison Luckett back on the court. My first introduction to Madison was in the Inaugural Pre-Season Show Off Camp in 2009. My evaluation of her was "can not be left open because she is automatic from short range". She is a 6'1 forward at St. Benedict and still automatic scoring 7 points this week.

 Last November, during the third game of the season, she injured her knee (ACL) forcing her to miss the rest of her junior year. As they say, sheeee baaaack! She participated with her summer travel team (Team Memphis Elite-Daniels) during July and now using the Fall Exposure League to further her conditioning for the high school season. Madison is already academically qualified with a 20 ACT score and working hard to be able to play at the next level. Welcome back, Madison!

Sister Act

The Fall Exposure League is quite unique. In the Week 1 recap, I mentioned the variety of players participating from public schools, private schools and even home schooled. The league is also unique for the amount of siblings participating. Last season, the league had two sets of twins with Briarcrest sophomores Elise & Brynn Holden and Germantown sophomores Breanna & Brittany Cowans. Read the story here. Both sets of twins are back participating in the league this year with a season of high school basketball and another summer of travel basketball experience. Their growth and maturity as players is showing.

This season 2 sets of sisters have joined the league also. We have guard Sydney Malone, 9th grader at Houston High, and Jasmine  Malone,  an 8th grader at Schilling Farms. Sydney Malone had a great first week performance scoring 14 points in a variety of ways - running the floor for layups, off short jumpers, stick backs after rebounding. Little sister, Jasmine is an unafraid developing point guard who can score if left open.

Torri &  Gigi Lewis

Before it's all over, the parents of MHEA guards Victoria "Torri" Lewis and Gabriella "Gigi" Lewis will probably get to know quite a few college coaches. Torri Lewis is already on the ESPN Hoopgurlz Watch list for 2015 class and well known nationally as a college prospect. She has such swagger in her game and she travels with her own basketball. She is a good ball handler with deceptive 1on1 moves and has great court awareness. And don't leave her open because she is draining the outside shot. By the way, Gigi is a 7th grader and you don't want to leave her open either. You may want to add Gigi Lewis to your watch list for 2018.

No Diggity, No Doubt

St. Mary's Kaylan Pugh is a prolific scorer. She scored 45 points in a game as an eighth grader with the varsity team and scored 47 as a freshman in addition to scoring over 30 points multiple times each year. This young lady already has a strong college ready body at 5'10. She is extremely versatile with the abilities to run point and strong enough to post up in paint. She loves to use moves to get into the paint for easy buckets where she is strong enough to take contact, make the shot and get to the line. Only a sophomore. I'm eager to watch her development of the next couple of years.   

Games of the Week

The Fall Exposure League gives players an opportunity for extra conditioning in game situations, to display new skills developed during the off season and of course--bragging rights. The first thing is definitely displayed  in the Week 2 Games of the Week.

Game 1 - Stanford vs Baylor

Click here to be redirected to YouTube
Game 2 - UConn vs Notre Dame

2012 Fall Exposure League Week 1 Recap

The 2012 Fall Exposure League kicked off on Saturday. The talent level in Memphis and the surrounding area is extremely good. This year's event offer a variety of talent and players representing public schools, private schools, home schooled, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama. It is a great event for young and old girls basketball fans to see.

Sweet Home Alabama

Camillia Carter

It says alot about a parent and player to travel over 3 hours to participate in a basketball event weekly. Camillia Carter, a senior shooting guard from Hueytown, AL, is on a mission to get her name out, display her talent and secure an athletic scholarship in basketball. She is a member of the Alabama Twisters summer program and academically has made an ACT score of 19. During her week 1 game, she showed her ability to be a very aggressive on the ball defender and a guard with 3 point shooting range.

Hard Knox Life
I was very impressed with Marisa Knox's (2014/Center Hill) performance on Saturday morning. There was just something different about her demeanor. She played with much energy and aggressiveness. She is definitely a pure point guard-always looking up the court to get the ball to an open teammate and looking to pass in the half court set. She doesn't look to score much but she likes the elbow shot and penetrates to the basket with intent.

Long and Tall
Certain body types just stick out on the court and Ineashia Claybrook (2014) and Amber Braxton (2014) has the body type. Both are extremely slim with extremely long arms. Ineashia Claybrook is from Gates, TN and plays the guard position for Halls High. Today she showed her energy, ability to slash and get to the basket for buckets. Amber Braxton at 6'0 has a very mild demeanor on and off the court. But don't let it fool you. On the court, she will score on the perimeter and in the paint.

Top Scorers
Game 1:
Maryland - Brynn Holden 19 points
Stanford - Breanna Cowans 8 points, Tori Doehring 8 points
Game 2:
UConn - Karnesha Trent 11 points
Duke - A'Queen Hayes 17 points
Game 3:
Baylor - Ineashia Claybrook 10 points
Notre Dame - Sydney Malone 14 points
Click here for complete list of Week 1 scorers

It's Showtime
After watching Week 1 games, It was decided that there was too much talent in the building to not record it. So from this point forward, the league games will be recorded. The recordings will be used for evaluation purposes for the Patosha Jeffery scouting service report. Also, a game of the week will be selected to watch on or

2011 Pre-Season Show Off Camp Recap and Evaluations

2011 Fall League Recaps and Statistics
Week 1 Recap
Week 2 Recap
Week 3 Recap
League Statistics

Pre-Season Show Off Camp 2010 Report IIII - 2015 Class

Brynn Holden (Briarcrest, 5'9, G/F) Displayed a spend move in the paint and can knock down free throws. Has great potential. Other 2015 notables: Elise Holden (Briarcrest, 5'9, G), Jerra Harris (Bon Lin , 5'8, G/F), Madison Rozier (Schilling Farm, 5'6, G), Megan Loden (Collierville, 5'6, F), Phenicia Howard (Munford, 5'4, G), Sydney Fitzwater (Collierville, 5'2, G) Taylor Robertson (Rossville Christian Academy, 5'5, G) .

Pre-Season Show Off Camp 2010 Report IIII - 2014 Class

Amber Holmes (Southwind, 5'6, G) Participated in Pre-Season Show Off Camp 2009 and displayed her deep 3 point range. This year displayed her ability to penetrate and get to the rack and defensive and anticipation skills. Getting 3 steals in less than 2 minutes during a game. A'Queen Hayes (Southaven, 5'8, G) Young, dangerous and full of energy. The sky is the limit for this player. She does not take a break in any situation. She rebounds. She anticipates and steals. She jumps. She dives. She does what ever is necessary to get her hand on the ball getting 7 steals in a game. She also has offensive skills including 3 point range and penetration. Halie Mathews (West Jefferson (LA), 6'0, F) Remember her name. She is young and gifted. To be young, she understands how to pass from post to post in high low setup and how to pass to a cutting PG or wing. She has a nice shot and can shoot from 3 point range. Plus does not mind cleaning up the boards for rebounds. Other 2014 notables: Elise Herenton (White Station, 5'5, G), Jada Carter (West (AR) , 5'9, F), Kendra Richardson (Millington, 5'8, G), Olivia Cunningham (Southaven, 5'7, G/F), Sharhea Bell (Cordova, 5'10, F).

Pre-Season Show Off Camp 2010 Report III - 2013 Class

Kiandria Patterson (Columbus (MS), 5'9, G) Lefty, combo guard, full of explosiveness and power. She excelerates pass defenders as she brings the ball up the court and she knows how to get the ball in the basket. Alex Ellington (Arlington, 5'4, G) 3 point shooter. Tiara Caldwell (Millington, 6'3, F) Long with great potential. Treasure Redding (Millington, 6'2, F) Has dropped some pounds and added confidence, learning how to score on the block. Will be one to keep and eye on. Other 2013 notables: Brandy Jordan (Helen Cox, 5'8, G), Erin Clark (Millington, 5'8, PG), Erica Watkins (Fairley, 6'1, F), Andreia King (Kirby, 5'5, G), Bailey Brewer (Arlington, 5'8, G/F), .

Pre-Season Show Off Camp 2010 Report II - 2012 Class

Arkela Ware-Jones (Overton, 5'5, G) 3 point shooting guard with point guard experience. Bianca Cage (Southwind, 5'8, G) A defensive specialist. She will lock down opponents, create deflections and get steals. And loves running the floor in transition for layups. Dora Brooks (East Jefferson (LA), 5'6, PG) An extremely aggresive point guard in transition play, can handle the ball with left and right hand, 3 point range and will defend in open court. Jasmine Golden (Center Hill (MS), 5'7, PG) An aggressive point guard and extremely fast with ball in hand. LaMetria Dunn (Fairley, 5'5, PG) Known for her speed but becoming a floor general. Can break defense down and get to the rack. Logan Hammond (Arlington, 6'0, G/F) At 6'0 with ball handling and shooting abilities plus 3 point range creates mismatches. Tori Hughes (East Jefferson (LA), 5'5, G) Ball handler with 3 point shooting range. Other 2012 notables: Amber Lee (Millington, 5'6, G), Kelsey Torry (Bartlett, 5'7, G), Tatiana Allen (Germantown, 5'10, F), and Tiara Clay (Germantown, 5'8, F).

Pre-Season Show Off Camp 2010 Report I - 2011 Class

Amber Haggie (Yazoo City (MS), 6'0, G) Registered for the event as a guard but played mostly in the post. When she hit the court, you knew she was there. Very active, always moving, setting screens aggressive rebounder. A very composed player and coordinated. Brianna Taylor (East Jefferson (LA), 5'10, F) Long, shot blocker that does not mind putting the ball on the floor in open court situations. Chasity Richardson (Hillcrest, 5'8, G) A combo guard with extensive point guard experience but probably more confortable behind the arch shooting 3 pointers. Great at reading defenses and hitting teammates for open shots. Erica Bougard (Byhalia (MS), 5'7, G) probably the most athletic in this years event. If the ball is passed in her area, she is going to get it because of her speed and anticipation skills. She can also distribute the ball and score in a variety of ways. Kanesha Jackson (Overton, 5'2, PG) A legit floor general who can shoot the 3. She has a eye for finding teammates and kmows how to advance the ball in transition. Kamellya Hurst (St. Helena Central (LA), 5'2, PG) She is small in statue but her speed makes up for it. Her feet is always active and moving while playing on the ball defense. She can take contact and finish. Can use both left and right hand. Katelyn Butler (Germantown, 5'8, G) 3 point shooting guard with slashing abilities. Kourtney Coleman (H.W. Byers (MS), 6'0, F) can play inside or out, handle basketball in full court transition, step outside and shoot the 3 plus go inside and post up. Laquaris Harris (Booker T. Washington, 5'5, G) Aggressive guard with 3 point range, ability to get to rack, active on offense and unselfish. Misha Jones (Millington, 6'4, C) She doesn't panic when double or triple teamed. She finds the open player. She can also shoot over players. I don't know if she is left or right handed because it seems so natural for her to shoot with both hands on the block. Shervonte' Bright (Ridgeway, 5'11, G/F) An all-around athlete capable of playing guard and post. Because of size, long arms, and athleticism, she causes mismatches. Has a nice shot and can shoot 3s. Teneshia Jones (Sheffield, 5'2, PG) Very quick distributing point guard that can find open teammates and knock down 3s. Terice Burrell (Brighton, 5'4, PG) Very aggressive point guard. Great at reading defenses and setting teammates up. Whitney Williams (Amite (LA), 5'6, PG) Has great length and knows how to use it to deflect passes. She is great at handling ball in transition with both left and right hand. Other 2011 notables: Chante Ward (Thomas Jefferson (LA), 5'5, G), Che'Erica Beam (Hillcrest, 5'4, G), Jasmine Malone (Booker T. Washington, 5'10, F), Jelessa Penn (Academy of Our Lady, 5'3, G), Katrina Coleman (Millington, 5'5, PG), Khadija Beavers-Muhammad (Trezevant, 5'6, G), Latoya Evans (Dutchtown (LA), 5'7, F), Naudia Crisp (Mannassa, 5'7, G), and Shannon Woodside (De La Salle (LA), 5'7, F).

2nd Annual Pre-Season Show Off Camp 2010 Highlights Part 1

This senior combo guard, Chasity Richardson (Hillcrest, 2011) moves very well without the basketball and has a mean stroke on her shot. She knocked down 5 three pointers in her first game at the Show Off Camp. She also has extensive experience at the point position. Several times during the camp, she was wide open for a shot however made great decisions to pass the ball to a teammate for a higher percentage shot.

At 6'4, senior post, Misha Jones (Millington 2011) will probably be the first player you notice in the gym. Misha hasn't played basketball for an extended period of time. However, she has had tremendous growth on the court. When you have the size that she has, the defensive attention is automatically on you and she can handle it. She doesn't panic when double or triple teamed. She finds the open player. She can also shoot over players. I don't know if she is left or right handed because it seems so natural for her to shoot with both hands on the block.

To view video in larger screen, start the video. Then click it.

Chasity Richardson , Class of 2011,
5'8, Hillcrest High

Misha Jones , Class of 2011,
6'4, Millington High

2nd Annual Pre-Season Show Off Camp 2010 Picture Slide Show

2nd Annual Pre-Season Show Off Camp 2010 Recap

The 2nd Annual Patosha Jeffery's Pre-Season Show Off Camp was a success. 61 players used Saturday to display their skills to college coaches and recruiting/scouting media, learn about the importance of academic eligibility, and also learned several ways to market themselves to college coaches. The players not only represented the state of Tennessee but also, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana.

College coaches in attendance included Alcorn, Christian Brothers University, Jackson State, Louisiana Tech, UT Martin, Troy University, North Alabama and Three Rivers Community College.

Team Purple went undefeated in the camp defeating Team Orange for the championship game 75-64. Leading Team Purple was Shervonte’ Bright (Ridgeway) with 24 points. The team also included Taylor Robertson (Rossville Christian Academy), Kelsey Torry (Bartlett), Kenesha Jackson (Overton), Chasity Richardson (Hillcrest), Bianca Cage (Southwind), and Jessica Shinault (BTW).

Team Orange was lead by Kiandria Patterson (Columbus, MS) with 17 points. The team also included Amber Holmes (Southwind), Bailey Brewer (Arlington), Megan Loden (Collierville), Andreia King (Kirby), Tierra Clay (Germantown), Terrice Burrell (Brighton), Logan Hammond (Arlington) and Tatiana Allen (Germantown).

Inaugural End of Summer Shoot Out 2010 Highlights Part 2

This senior point guard, Adrienne McKay (Briarcrest Christian 2011) is tough. Her body build makes her look strong and from the look of her performance and difficult shots made, she is strong. She can go left and right and the penetration into a pull up jump shot is her thing. She loves the behind the back move and has an up and under fake move (not shown in video). Oh--and she can feed the ball to teammates.

The first thing you notice about this young lady is length. Jasmine Joyner (Memphis Lady Disciples/ 2013) is listed at 6'2 but her wing span is astronomical.. She gets down the floor extremely well and often times is the first player back in defensive transition. Her strengths are shot blocking and rebounding. Her footwork is great in reacting on defense. She is a sophomore at Southaven High (MS) and according to she averaged 5.3 points, 4.5 blocks and 6.9 rebounds as a freshman.

To view video in larger screen, start the video. Then click it.

Adrienne McKay , Class of 2011,
Briarcrest Christian

Jasmine Joyner , Class of 2013,
6'2, Southaven (MS) High

Inaugural End of Summer Shoot Out 2010 Picture Slide Show

Inaugural End of Summer Shoot Out 2010 Highlights Part 1

The End of Summer Shoot Out tournament was full of young talent and left-handed players. To kick off the highlights from the NCAA certified event are two left-handed 2014 prospects, Kiara Golden and Kahdejah Stephens.

Kiara Golden, from Team Memphis Elite - Holmes. She is so smooth, always moving on offense and can knock down open shots. Kiara is a freshman at Center Hill High School in Olive Branch, MS.

Kahdejah Stevens, from Team Idlewild Fury, game has grown since I last watched her play at last year's Pre-Season Show Off Camp. She has expanded her game from primarily a rebounder to more of an offensive threat. She can score on the post, has a nice jumper from short corner extended and knows how to penetrate to the basket. I wouldn't be surprised if she can knock down threes. I must also mention her shot blocking abilities. Kahdejah is a freshman at Trezevant High School.

To view video in larger screen, start the video. Then click it.

Kiara Golden , Class of 2014,
5'8, Center Hill High

Kahdejah Stevens , Class of 2014,
5'10, Trezevant High

Inaugural End of Summer Shoot Out 2010 Recap

The End of Summer Shoot Out was a success. Fourteen teams participated in this inaugural tournament including 3 out of state teams. The complete list of teams are: Drake Reed of Memphis, Idlewild Fury 15, Idewild Fury 16, Lady Panthers (IL), Louisiana Lady Terrapins, Memphis Lady Bobcats Red, Memphis Lady Disciples, Mississippi Lady Fire, Team Memphis Elite-Holmes, Team Memphis Elite - Little 2012/2013, Team Memphis Elite-Williams, TEAM Tennessee Glory - Jackson, TEAM Tennessee Glory - Richardson.

The game of the tournament was the semi-final matchup between Team Memphis Elite-Little and TEAM Tennessee Glory - Jackson. It went to the wire with Team Memphis Elite Little surviving and winning the game 62-54.

College coaches were in attendance including representatives from Alabama A&M, Arkansas State, Binghamton (New York), Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Missouri State, Pearl River, Tennessee Tech and Three Rivers. Ole Miss head womens basketball coach , Coach Renee Ladner, came through on championship day.

Thank you to all teams, coaches, players, parents and college coaches that participated and attended this event.